Indicator 13 myicourse
Education credit (not to exceed 3 hours) is available after completing all of the Indicator 13 courses. The transcript is to be sent to the Transition Coordinator for your area.

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Weld County OR Morgan County (including Prairie/Grover SD):


Additional Components

  • Staff consultation with high school educators and IEP teams regarding the promotion of successful transition
  • ​Provision of parent/guardian education and collaboration opportunities 
  • Creation and implementation of individualized transition plans
  • Coordination of agency resources and partnerships



2020 Clubhouse Drive

Greeley, CO 80634             Phone (970) 352-7404

Fax (970) 352-7350 

For Further Information

Contact Gail Halley

(970) 352-7404 ext. 1137 (Greeley)

(970) 867-8297 ext. 1137 (Fort Morgan)


CBOCES, in conjunction with participating school districts, provides learning experiences designed to assist youth in transitioning from high school to adulthood.

Through collaboration with families and community agencies, we develop individual learning opportunities to support youth in progressing toward their desired post-secondary goals. 

Transition serves young adults 18-21 years of age who have completed their high school requirements and qualify for services. 

We offer experiences and opportunities necessary for developing the tools needed to progress from high school to adult life, ensuring that students will be able to obtain their individual goals and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to access the appropriate community and agencies.



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