Alternative Principal Licensure Program

We will be accepting registrations for the IAPLP beginning May 1, 2021

Individual Alternative Principal Licensure Plan (IAPLP)  

Please contact Patti Greenlee or 970.352.7404 x2509 for more information regarding this process.  

The Centennial BOCES Individual Alternative Principal Licensure Program (IAPLP) is a state approved non-traditional licensure program. 
The IAPLP is designed for the educational leader who would like to become a licensed principal in Colorado but has not completed a traditional principal licensure program through a university.  The program is an intensive one year “on-the-job” training that includes self-assessment activities, research-based applications, best-practice integration, and field studies analysis. Each of these areas directly aligns with the Colorado Principal Quality Standards and Elements.  

Applicants must fill out an IAPLP Application (template provided) and submit to CDE for approval from the Colorado Department of Education Board of Directors.  

A candidate must meet the following requirements in order to enroll in the IAPLP

  • Hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Hold a Statement of Eligibility (SOE) from the Colorado Department of Education via the process described below:
  • Completion of an online application for an Individual alternative principal license at (select apply for or renew a license link, then select alternative license principal link). The SOE is a step within the application process.
  • Complete the Individualized Alternative Principal Licensure Program application required by CDE and be approved by the CDE Board of Directors
  • Have 3 consecutive years of licensed teaching in a classroom
  • Submittal of a fingerprint card and processing fee to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation
  • Secure a 1 year employment contract with a school/school district (public, private or charter)
021-22 IAPLP Fee         (Member Districts)                $5,000
                                          (Non-Member Districts)       $6,000   

Please contact : Patti Greenlee, PROGRAM MANAGER, AT 970-352-7404 EX.2509 or