Welcome! Centennial BOCES, or Board of Cooperative Educational Services, is a cooperative agency that provides educational services to school districts across northern Colorado. The pooled resources at BOCES allow for more educational opportunities in small, rural districts that may not be able to afford some services on their own, and in larger districts that would like to partake in educational innovation.

Through collaboration, provide value-added resources that enrich educational opportunities for all students. - Centennial BOCES Mission Statement

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  • Registration for the 2024-25 Alternative Teacher and Principal Licensure Program is now open. Please contact Patti Greenlee through her email, pgreenlee@cboces.org, for registration information.



  • Centennial BOCES will be closed on Fridays from June 7th through August 12th.

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A chance to achieve your educational goals on YOUR terms!

Innovative Education Services is a catalyst to empower learners to achieve excellence in the 21st century. We are dedicated to supporting individuals to enhance their leadership skills and open opportunities to collaboration leading to educational change.

To find more information on how to attend Centennial BOCES High School at our Longmont or Greeley campus, you can visit our Innovative Education Services page with the following link: https://www.cboces.org/innovativeeducation



Centennial BOCES Greeley

  • Address: 2863 35th Ave, Greeley, CO 80634
  • Contact: Danielle Bastianos dbastianos@cboces.org / 970-237-3379

Centennial BOCES Longmont

  • Address: 2315 N Main St., Longmont, CO 80501
  • Contact: Nina Winslow nwinslow@cboces.org / 303-645-3800


Centennial BOCES is an agile and responsive educational service cooperative that provides irresistible services and programs. Our organizational culture fosters partnerships, innovation, efficiency, leadership and excellence that are embraced by Centennial BOCES and the community.

- Centennial BOCES Vision Statement