Innovative Connections High School

Distant Learning Plan for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.
Follow up on our plan to move forward with distance learning for IConnect High School.  We have all students set up with Google classroom.  Every student will work on their last two competencies for math via Google classroom.  Students will also work on their Capstone project and will be in constant communication with their advisory teacher and myself to see how they are doing with their capstone (portfolio reflections) either by texting, calling, or zoom meetings.  We will have Zoom meetings with the students as much as they need them.  For students who have failed previous quarters their assignments will also be in Google classroom to work on so they can pass these classes with a 70% or higher and be ready to move on to the next school year as seniors.

Graduation Plan
Graduation is scheduled for May 15, 2020.  We have potentially 14 students who can graduate.  Our plan is to schedule a time (no more than 30 min.) to drop off their diplomas at their house.  We will use precautionary measures when delivering diplomas.  All staff (4 members) will wear masks and gloves and distance themselves 6 feet from everyone.  


For more information about Innovative Connections High School please call or e-mail: 

Tanisha Bules 970-370-3663 /  or

Mark Rangel  970-352-7404 ext. 1122 /

Math/Study Skills Teacher:
Jennifer Kaderka

Social Studies/Science Teacher:
Nikkie Cooper

Language Arts/ Business/ Technology Teacher:
Cori Pineda


Concurrent Enrollment
The Board believes that students who wish to pursue postsecondary level work while in high school should be permitted to do so. In accordance with this policy and accompanying regulation, high school students may receive course credit toward the fulfillment of high school graduation requirements for successful completion of approved postsecondary courses offered by institutions of higher education.
This policy and accompanying regulation do not apply to students seeking to enroll in postsecondary courses pursuant to the Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) program or a “dropout recovery program” pursuant to the Concurrent Enrollment Programs Act (the Act). Students seeking to enroll in the ASCENT program or a dropout recovery program shall work with the executive director or designee and meet the Act’s applicable requirements.

State Assessments
Any student who requests a paper and pencil assessment for state mandated assessments must contact the principal to request in the fall of each school year to ensure time is permitted to request such assessment from the state. 

IConnect Course Descriptions

11th Grade English -  This course will survey American Literature and analyze it with the focus of how a national identity is created through literature and ideas. Assessments will be through writing, discussions, presentations, tests, etc. We focus strongly on analyzing the literature to encourage students to develop, and use, their critical thinking skills to support their ideas about the literature. They also learn to support their ideas with examples from the text to allow focus on their thoughts rather than their identities. 

12th Grade English -  This course requires students to take part in research projects to improve their community. Students will research a community problem, or area for improvement, and will research what has been done and what can be done to improve the issue. By researching problems around their community, students hone their problem solving skills, develop research abilities, advance their critical thinking, learn about their community and the importance of being involved. They also learn about their community on a global scale and learn how our world is becoming a global society of which they can be an integral part. This course is heavy in writing and critical thinking—teaching kids to question everything. They learn to sort through and compile information, analyze the validity of sources, and express their thoughts and support them with hard facts and evidence.

Social and Business Etiquette -  This course covers areas that many of today’s young people lack. Areas such as; how to shake hands, how to tie a tie, how to speak properly in different situations for different audiences, interview etiquette, when to shirk social opinion and when not to, and many more.

Computers - This course will cover keyboarding skills and the Microsoft Office Suite. Programs covered will be Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and some Excel. Students will learn to properly type, and compose professional documents such as résumes, cover letters, etc. 

Leadership - This year-long class explores different types of leadership styles and leaders throughout history who exemplify each type (Pacesetting, Authoritative, Affiliative, Coaching, Coercive, Democratic, Artistic, Scientific and Interpersonal). Through research projects and inward reflection activities, students will learn not only what it takes to be a leader; but what type of leader they can become if they set their mind to it.          

American History -From Christopher Columbus to the present, students will be learning how the United States became the nation it is today. Each unit will cover a theme in our history, as well as key vocabulary words and famous individuals to be aware of. From this survey course, students should not only come away with appreciation of what it takes to build and maintain a nation, but they might also learn more about their own ancestors and the sacrifices they made to come to this “land of opportunity.”

Economics/Government - This class is separated in two semesters—one for Government, and one for Economics.

The first semester, Government, discusses subjects such as: the purpose of a government, our rights and responsibilities as citizens, how issues get voted on publicly, how taxes work, and how complicated it can be to run a system as large as the United States Government.

The second semester, Economics, will focus on personal Economics and Finance, Economic Systems around the world, national and international Economic Policies, and the United States Financial system. Students should be able to come away with practical information that will help them determine sound financial decisions they make in their adult lives.

ICAP—Individual Career and Academic Plan - Using individualized career and personality assessments as well as research into future career possibilities, students will learn about many potential future job prospects and the process needed to make that dream a reality. By using College in Colorado resources as well as “What Color is Your Parachute for Teens,” this course is designed to prepare juniors and seniors for the world outside of high school.