Our Member Districts

Sixteen school districts in northern and northeastern Colorado call themselves members of CBOCES, meaning they pay member dues and can receive any number of services that BOCES offers. These school districts pool their resources to share professional services and collaborate to improve on services already offered.

Click on our current member districts photo to visit their individual websites: 

Briggsdale street view

Briggsdale School RE-10J 

Superintendent Mr. Rick Mondt

District Telephone Number: (970) 656-3417

Brush street view

Brush RE-2J

Superintendent Dr. Bill Wilson

District Telephone Number (970) 842-5176

Easton street view

Eaton RE-2

Superintendent Mr. Jay Tapia

District Telephone Number: (970) 454-3402

Estes street view

Estes Park R-3

Superintendent Ruby Bode

District Telephone Number (970) 586-2361

Brick Building with a Tree on the right

Greeley School District D6

Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch

District Telephone Number (970)348-6000

Morgan street view

Morgan County RE-3

Superintendent Mr. Rob Sanders

​District Telephone Number (970) 867-5633

Pawnee Street view

Pawnee RE-12

Superintendent Mr. Bret Robinson

​District Telephone Number (970) 895-2222

Platte Valley Street view

Platte Valley RE-7

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Burmeister

District Telephone Number (970) 336-8500

Prarie RE-11J street view

Prairie RE-11J

Superintendent Mr. Christopher Burr

District Telephone Number (970) 437-5351

RE-1 Valley street view

RE-1 Valley

Superintendent Dr. Martin Foster, Interim

District Telephone Number (970) 522-0792

St. Vrain street view

St. Vrain Valley Schools RE-1J

Superintendent Dr. Don Haddad

​District Telephone Number (303) 776-6200

Building against clear blue sky district office Weld RE-1 school District

Weld RE-1

Superintendent Mr. Johan van Nieuwenhuizen

District Telephone Number (970) 350-4201

Brick one story building with trees behind and to the left

Weld RE-4

Superintendent  Mrs. Michelle Scallon

District Telephone Number (970) 686-8000

Modern Building with trees

Weld RE-5J

Superintendent Mr. Scott Nielsen

District Telephone Number (970) 587-6050

Weld RE-9 street view

Weld RE-9

Superintendent Mr. Rob Ring

District Telephone Number (970) 834-1345

WEldon Valley street view

Weldon Valley RE-20J​

Mr. Ben Bauman

​District Telephone Number (970) 645-2411

Wiggins Street View

Wiggins RE-50J

Superintendent Dr. Trent Kerr

District Telephone Number (970) 483-7762