Assistive Technology

The goal of Assistive Technology is to help families and school teams that have students receiving either special education or 504 support to identify assistive technology devices that can help them better access their education. 


Services we offer

Assessment: We help school teams evaluate specific student needs and the types of devices that would best meet those needs.

Consultation: We meet with teachers and other staff members to provide ideas on how to use devices and resources currently in the student’s environment or how to obtain devices for trials to determine what the student responds to best.

Resource: We can provide information on available financial supports to obtain devices. Students are referred to the team through their special education providers and families by submitting the referral form. 


The AT team meets to decide if consultation or a formal evaluation is required. For formal evaluations, parental permission is obtained, the evaluation is completed and a report is provided to the parent and teacher documenting student strengths and concerns, observations on device use, and recommendations and ideas.


Addressing student needs:

Students who are not able to complete writing tasks due to motor difficulties.

​Computer Access:
Students who are not able to effectively access the computer due to vision or motor impairment.

Students who are nonverbal or have speech difficulties.


Contact Us

If you are interested in additional information about the Assistive Technology Team or have students who may benefit from our services, contact the  Assistive Technology team at