Runaway & Homeless Youth Act

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If you or someone you know is a 12-17 year old who has left home; not welcome; been kicked out;  ran away; is homeless; sleeping different places and seeking help; or you're concerned; please contact us, a school, a school's Homeless Education Liaison, or a youth serving agency. All year long, we serve 16 counties in the Northeast quadrant of Colorado. 


We are here to problem solve, counsel, provide rapid financial help, and other important resources for survival. We also provide coping skills/wellness, along with support for emergency shelter through a Host, meaning a caring, cool adult who opens their home for 21 days or longer. Let's get you a phone, a winter jacket, hygiene, bed & bedding, hobbies, mental wellness supplies (art, books, etc.), pay some money for your stay, fix your car. . . . Maybe you are already staying with this adult & could use some extra sources of power and TLC. Youth deserve to be treated in a kind and caring way!


CBOCES operates the Federal civil rights law - the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA) – Basic Center Program (BCP) via the Colorado Rural Collaborative. Since 2014, we have served dozens of youth, 12-17 years of age, with counsel, education and housing. We have also successfully mentored dozens of youth at statewide, multi-day Youth Summits.  These summits focus on self-introspection and development, youth leadership, volunteerism advocacy and mountains of crazy fun! CBOCES also helps in the framing and delivery of the Youth Summits, which have been held in a neat & enlightening location, such as Grand Junction or Denver.


Please don't hesitate to contact Marc Fortney, a wholesome & rad Master Social Worker of 20+ years,  who has  years of lived experiences of homelessness, foster care and other ad hoc governmental living situations. Together, some of the pressure can be released! Text / call @ 970.381.6321, email, or visit & message us. 

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​Colorado Crisis Line:
Text "Talk" to 38255, to text with a mental wellness specialist
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